Boost! Super Soil Conditioner


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  • Highly nutritious slow release soil conditioner packed with N,P & K.
  • Adds organic matter and nutrients to your soils and composts, naturally and 100% plant based.
  • Makes plants grow bigger by improving soils and composts.
  • Made in the UK from plant based material.
  • Improves soil structure and fertility.

Boost! Super Soil Conditioner is a fibrous slow release fertilising soil conditioner suitable for soils and composts packed with nutrients such as N,P &K. Ideal for applying directly to soils and composts. Or simply around base of plants as a mulch. Let nature do the work; scatter on soil surface and gentle mix in or simple scatter on the surface and let time and nature do the work. Boost! Supper Soil Conditioner will naturally degrade into the soil or compost through bacterial action by drawing the essential nutrients into the soil structure and root zone increasing soil fertility and health. Ideally suited to vegetable beds, planted borders or bare soil along with many other applications. Boost Super Soil Conditioner is completely plant based and natural, no added synthetic chemicals or fertilisers.

Legal Disclaimer

A fibrous product derived from the process of anaerobic digestion

How to use Boost!

Apply to soils and composts

Boost!Mix Boost! Super Soil Conditioner into soils and composts to improve fertility and fertiliser.

Surface Mulch

Surface MulchScatter Boost! Super Soil Conditioner around plant based and bare soil as a surface mulch. Let nature and time do the work with all that goodness been drawn into the soil.

Improve Soils

Boost!Dig Boost! Super Soil Conditioner into borders, vegetable beds. The fibrous slow release nutrients will work into the soil structure and root zone improving plant health and size.