Bloom! Natural Lawn & Plant Food


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  • Bloom! Natural Lawn and Plant Food is a nourishing liquid feed made for plants to aid healthy, bigger growth of plants in your garden pots, borders and house plants.
  • Simple to use; dispense directly at base of plant and water in or dilute in watering can and apply to plants, lawn. Ideal for around the house, garden or greenhouse.
  • 100% plant based. Full of natural occurring nutrients to make plants bloom with healthy growth and lawns with lush growth.
  • Rich in essential N,P & K along with micronutrients such as magnesium
  • Made in the UK from plant based natural ingredient with no added artificial chemicals. Tried and tested by farmers for years with fantastic results and now available for gardeners.

Bloom! Natural Lawn & Plant Food

Super Soil Conditioner is a fibrous slow release fertilising soil conditioner suitable for soils and composts packed with nutrients such as N,P &K. Ideal for applying directly to soils and composts. Or simply around base of plants as a mulch. Let nature do the work; scatter on soil surface and gentle mix in or simple scatter on the surface and let time and nature do the work. Boost! Supper Soil Conditioner will naturally degrade into the soil or compost through bacterial action by drawing the essential nutrients into the soil structure and root zone increasing soil fertility and health. Ideally suited to vegetable beds, planted borders or bare soil along with many other applications. Boost Super Soil Conditioner is completely plant based and natural, no added synthetic chemicals or fertilisers.

Legal Disclaimer

A liquid product derived from the process of anaerobic digestion.

Bloom! Natural Lawn & Plant Food

Vegetables and Fruits

Greenhouse, allotments, vegetable plots or fruit borders…..
Simple add Bloom! Natural Lawn and Plant Food to water and feed weekly. Bloom! will provide essential nutrients for seasonal long growth.

Top Tip: plant food works best when applied to base of plant and with contact to the soil around the root zone.

Small Plants & Pot Plants

Bloom! 250ml Natural Plant Food with simple applicator is the idea accompaniment for the small gardeners or plant enthusiast. The compact and sleek design with easy dose pump applicator makes tending to small plants or the odd tomato plant a clean and simple task.
Ideal for feeding pot plant, baskets etc.

Top Tip: plant food works best when applied to base of plant


Big lawns, little lawns or sweeping majestic gardens. Applying Bloom! Natural Lawn and Plant Food mixed with water weekly to create a lush green lawn.
It’s also pet friendly and will help suppress moss growth.

Top Tips: Apply to lawns during cool conditions for optimum take-up.


Looking for a natural plant feed alternative for Hydroponics? Bloom! Natural Lawn and Plant Food offers a solution; rich in nutrients and easily mixed/applied with water.

Put some boost into your blooms and vigour in your buds.

Top Tip: plant food works best when applied to base of plant