Beanstalk! Fertiliser for Fruit & Vegetables


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  • Beanstalk! Fertilisers for Fruit and Vegetables is a liquid feed for healthy bigger growth of fruit and vegetables.
  • Packed with nutrients like N, P & K for vigorous growth.
  • For Great Fruiting and Growth.
  • Full natural and made from sustainable ingredients in the UK.
  • Suitable for vegetables, fruits and other growing crops.

Beanstalk! Fertiliser for Fruit and Vegetables is a natural fertiliser packed with N,P and K for healthy vigorous growth and great fruiting. Its unique ingredients help stimulate root growth and development for great fruiting or cropping. Beanstalk! is an organic product of a renewable energy source. It is created on the farm in the UK through anaerobic digestion of plant matter. It is rich in natural nutrients, helping the growth of your vegetables and fruit

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A liquid product derived from the process of anaerobic digestion

How to use Beanstalk!