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Will & Al's Natural Plant Food Company is a family business that creates and manufactures natural plant foods from sustainable ingredients. We grow crops which generate both energy in the form of electricity and digestate which is a nutrient rich natural product.

"From field to garden…

Will & Al’s Natural Products are sustainably produced in the lush valleys of Cumbria. Manufactured from natural products they work in harmony with nature and your garden.

Our garden fertility products are 100% plant based but deliver fantastic results comparable to tradition fertilisers."

Bottles are designed to be either recyclable and/or refillable and are sourced locally including repurposing of suitable containers. We aim to reduce packaging waste and use sustainable/recyclable products within the business where we can.

We are based very close to Carlisle, Cumbria in the beautiful Eden Valley. The area is renowned for its nature beauty, mixed agriculture and wildlife.

Bloom Natural Lawn and Plant Food

Bloom! Natural Lawn & Plant Food

Boost! Super Soil Conditioner

Boost! Super Soil Conditioner

William Tuer

William Tuer

Alistair Wannop

Alistair Wannop

Meet Will & Al

Will and Al are farmers with a common interest in using anaerobic digestion to generate renewable energy. They have been using the bi-product of this process to help grow their crops for several years and after a while were so impressed with the results they were seeing that they decided it was too good not to share.

They set to work adapting the product to suit the needs of gardeners and plant lovers and have created Bloom! which is easy to use and will give tremendous growth and colour to a wide variety of plants.

Created – Bloom! Natural Lawn and Plant Food

The digestate or 'biofertiliser' is a liquid rich in nutrients and natural fertiliser such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. These specific natural fertilisers are one of the key products to healthy and vigourous plants and lawns.  

The specialist process undertaken by Will & Al’s Natural Plant Food Company captures the natural goodness in a range of products allowing gardeners to experience a natural and environmentally friendly product.

Applying Bloom!

Bloom! applied with watering can

What is Anaerobic Digestion?

It's a process whereby organic matter is processed naturally in an oxygen depleted but warm environment following main 4 biological stages:

Hydrolysis = Bacterial fragmentation of the feed material.

Acidogenic = Bacteria converts sugars, amino acids into carbon dioxide, hydrogen, ammonia and other organic acids.

Acetogenesis = Bacteria organic acids into acetic acid along with additional ammonia, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide.

Methogenic = The final bacteria conversion to methane and carbon dioxide.

Once the methogenic process is complete biogas is produced (which contains energy efficient methane) and the bi-product digestate (which is a biofertiliser).

Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Anaerobic Digestion Plant

100% Natural Feed for Bigger Plants and Green Lush Lawns

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