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Our staff/customers health and wellbeing is paramount to us.  Due to COVID-19 products are currenly  available through our great suppliers (see stockists), Amazon UK - search 'natural plant food' or 'Bloom! Natural Plant Food' and Etsy - search 'Will and Al's Natural Plant Food Company' .Or Click on the links

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Bloom! Natural Lawn and Plant Food

Bloom! is a natural liquid lawn and plant feed for gardeners and green-fingered householders alike. Providing lawns and plants with essential nutrients throughout the growing season for healthy growth. Simple to apply and safe to use around the house and garden.

Ideally Suited for....
  • Small Plants, Hanging Baskets
  • Large Plants & Borders
  • Lawns & Gardens
  • Hydroponics & Growbags
  • Fruit & Vegetable Plots
  • Urban Gardens & Terraces
  • Patio Plant, Tubs & Greenhouses

Simple and Easy to Use

Concentrated natural liquid formula comes with user friendly dispensers or measuring cups. Packaging which can be recycled or refilled.  

Easy dispensers and measuring means less mess, less waste and correct dosage. 

Simply mix with water and apply to plants or lawns or alternatively spray around the based of the plant and water in.

Multitude of Uses

Bloom! Natural Lawn and Plant Food is a broad application natural lawn and plant feed.  

Suited for a wide range of uses around the garden, allotments, vegetable plots or even hydroponics. 

Packed with nutrients and natural occurring fertilisers Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

100% Natural Feed for Bigger Plants and Green Lush Lawns
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